Where is Dustin Denes?

I love this guy's intensity & haven't heard much about him since he lost by TKO in the IFL. I also heard that it was a bad stoppage, but I am not sure if that is correct.

ATT any news on when we can expect to see "Clean" again & where we can expect to see him?


Clean is a great guy & has incredible fight knowledge but I think his stand up game has and will hold him back from advancing in MMA. For some unknown reason his stand up game instead of getting better over time just gets worse & in my opinion that is what has held him back. His ground game is fantastic...can hang with anyone but the stand up is atrocious...which is weird considering he has Howard Davis Jr to help him.

i would love to see him vs tait fletcher in the ufc. It would be one of the worst striking exhibitions ever, and then we could see jsut how good taits jitz is once it hits the ground

Dude, his jitsu is sick. At 185 not many can grapple with him.



Clean just got back a three month traiing camp in Thailand. He should be fighting soon.


he lost his last fight in the IFL shockingly to Brian Foster. I was expecting him to beat Foster and Foster beat him clean.

Foster is a dangerous fighter .

he is somewhere being boring IMO

He might be boring , but he is a winner

Still hiding.......

Thanks guys....I also know about his BJJ skills...I watched him & Liborio roll before he was going to fight Suda & he looked UNREAL.

Dont get me wrong...Liborio wasn't even breathing hard & Clean was WORKIN, but I think that considering that Liborio may be the most gifted grappler ever....seeing him not working too hard and totally controlling Clean didn't surprise me.

I love watching him & his intensity is truly unique....I wish him the best & want to see MORE of him!

Good Luck in 2007 Clean

crazyt, arent you todd carney? if im not mistaken, didnt dustin already triangle you on an afc card not too long ago?

I saw that fight

Crazy T is Todd Carney and yes he lost to Dustin. Besides land some GNP it was a pretty onesided fight up until the triangle by Clean.


  Liborio is the man . He could walk onto the mat cold and beat everyone on the team.

If you guys want to see a real badass , check out the thread titled TUF 6 audition .

I was talking to Clean about my recovery from Knee surgery (ACL) and he told me he finally feels solid after recovering from his surgery. So maybe that has something to do with latest training and fights. It has been a year for me to feel good enough to start rolling again, for a Pro Fighter against top competition it must be alot tougher.