Where is Fedor?

Does anyone have any details, even rumors, as to what is happening with MMA's greatest ever?

Training to whip everyone's ass in the UFC.

But the UFC won't allow him to fight anywhere else (Sambo comps.).

Let him do it Dana.

Hiding from CRE.

Eating Kimbos bread.

The Sambo comps are really the sticking point? That seems ridiculous; to risk losing MMA best, most exciting fighter, who also happens to be a HW (MMA's 7-footer), because you don't want him to compete in sport MA comps that no one sees?

In cold storage. I believe the torso and lower body are actually stored in separate locations just in case one half is stolen, the other half can be destroyed.

"Hiding from CRE."


So true.

You cant blame Dana on this one. When you have the arguably best fighter/investment on the planet you dont want competeing in other things that could damage or end that career. Hell you dont want him riding motorcycles either. I dont care what anyone else has to say but Mir lost everything because of that and he had the potential to be in the top for a long time to come.

It is kind of dumb as long as he is fighting in his home country.

No-one, and I mean no-one outside of extreme MMA fans will ever hear of the results.

Seems to be a huge market over there and the UFC should find a way to tap into it. If this is the only thing stopping him from signing with the UFC then the UFC big wigs need their heads examined.

I saw him walking out of your Mom's house this morning.