After months of feeling like the Fox deal was a bad idea, I've finally seen Fuel tv. For us 90% without Fuel I almost need the UG to remind that a fight is coming up! It was never like that in the Spike era. Hell they beat the event into my head.
So I saw Fuel a a girls house Sat. morning watched the fights, post show, unrestricted and the production is top notch, it should be called the UFC channel. Dana said Fuel would be everywhere by now, but I think 6 more people got it. What gives? Phone Post

I really like Fuel. It has a lot of good content.

Yep, fuel is awesome.
Could you guys imagine how awesome it would be to have a lightweight WEC style promotion on Fuel with fights every Friday night? Imagine guys like Eddie Alvarez vs Gil Melendez.
Too bad the UFC kills every promotion they take over.

FUEL tv has always been one of my go to stations, even before it became UFC tv. Now it's even better imo

reflector - I really like Fuel. It has a lot of good content.