Where is Hughes??

 after dominating serra? last I heard he wanted to go for the title again, then I heard a possible trigg fight but thats it?

when is matts next fight??

nm, found him


With the UFC signing Hallman I think the path to his next, maybe last fight is in sight.

 I was really excited about the trigg fight though.. ah well im sure matt is having some good ol redneck fun!!

 oh cool bryanand, that would be a perfect retirement fight

He's selling concentrated deer piss apparently

cant find video

 LOL cre, I racked off 3 wins last night while u continue to duck me son. my ratio is better plus the fact that you have played 10 times more than me.

respect my natural abilities and mining boy strength

and I did that w/o my super spinich

why dont u just step up cre? or will u continue to duck greatness like fedor?