where is igor v nowadays?

he still could be a challenger in any org at 205

im not sayin he could beat the best but he damn sure would give em a run!

Igor V. versus any of the below would be great fights:




Melvin Manhoef

Rampage II


Any of these would be exciting fights because Igor comes to bang and is NOT afraid to get hit. I don't think he matches up well with Rashad Evans, or Ricardo Arona.


i think the same^

and happy holidays samoa

I think he could beat Vandy...but I'm drunk....so.....you know..

Igor versus Chack would be awesome as you know one of them is going down in flames

Happy Holidays to you as well SFMike; I've drank more than you today btw. ;)


I liked him better as a chubby HW. Alot more power.

I wonder if he cuts weight and comes in heavier (like Tito or Chuck) or if he comes in at exactly 205lbs.


just wait till this w/e for drinkin samoa!!!

and igor did seem better and more confident as a chubby heavy.

till mirko got him that is!

one of my all time favorites...id love to see him back in the ring soon. i agree hes better heavier (what did he weigh around 230?)

in that thread with a couple of his old fights his legs look so small

ttt for ice cold igor

ttt 4 ice cold beer this w/e

Yeah, as a HW he had HUGE Cro Cop-like thighs.

We all thought he'd be great at 205 but it just possibly came too late. He got tapped to Overeem and whether you think he deserved the decision over Nakamura, it sure wasnt a home run decision by any means and Nak is good but isnt great.

I love Igor myself and think he could still have some big KOs left in his hands but again, the game may have just passed him by now, unfortunately.

I read that he was out for awhile due to a shoulder injury. He also owns a
restaurant in the Ukraine.

If/when he comes back, he will be a force once again.

lol@ Kimbo. That guy shows up on ALL THREADS.


get him in ufc and lets see what he can do

I was bummed that they didnt match up him vs Wandy in the last MW GP.

Igor is one of my all time favs.

hes only 33?! hes got a few more good fights in him

chuck is 37 (i think) and hes blasting people into la la land, if ufc picked up igor he'd be a nice addition at 205 or HW, not a champ but he could add a few KOs to his highlight reels

tttrue dattt^

he was a killer for a few years

Hasnt been the same since Brian Davis KOed him.