Where is Javier Vazquez?

What happened to the guy? He was a pretty good fighter and at one point was supposed to make the jump from KOTC to the UFC.


multiple ACL surgeries

He did some grappling events.

He is an awesome guy with great character and personality along with his formidable skills. Last I talked to him (a while back) he was completely retired from MMA and looking into other career paths

I wish he would have made it to ADCC.  Maybe he will be ready in 2007.

Javier Gracie yet?

Javi is busy teaching full time at his Showtime Jiu-Jitsu Academy in La Habra. He teaches 6 days a week there. Adults on Mon-Fri 7-9:00 pm -- Tues, Thrs, Fri 10-11:30 am -- Kids on Tues, Thrs, Fri 6-7:00 pm and MMA on Sat 4-6 pm. He is also busy training many fighters. He still has a good relationship with the guys over at Millennia, and work with them on occasion. He also trains over at the Gracie Academy in Torrance with Ryron, Rener, and Ralek. On occasions his has helped out with some seminars featuring Helio, Roriron, and the Gracies.

Also... in more exciting news... Javi is and expecting Dad. Congratulations Javi!!

Javier Vazquez will be pitching for the world champion Chicago White Sox this season.

Congrats Javi!

I enjoyed watching him in KOTC. Can't believe that he still grapples with his knees messed up.

Good luck and congrats on the baby!

Javi is on another level!!!

Yeah... Javi's had three ACL surgeries, and is doing good now. There is something about Javi that makes him supernatural. I know of people who have had ACL surgery and are completely out of comission for a while. Javi is like superman and heals very quickly. I really think that he is not retired... I seriously am in aww every time I see him roll. If you ever have a change to go to a seminar, attend a class, or just see him in compitition... I highly recomend it.

javi is the man!!! This guy will tap you 10 times in 5 secs. i love training with him. great guy and teacher. just havent had time lately to come train with him. When i was training with him, my jiujitsu was growing leaps and bounds. and than i stopped than it plateaud

He did fight a grappling only match against Uno not too long ago (which Uno won). That was in Japan, not sure what promotion....

He wore pink before Franklin did I never got to see him fight its a shame I hope he does return from what I read he was a talented fighter

Yeah Javi had a grappling match against Uno in October of 2004. He has competed a few times since then, but mostly with the gi.

Does anyone have his contact info.?

Josh "thepunk" Thomson

Showtime Jiu-Jitsu

819 E. La Habra Blvd.

La Habra, Ca 90631

Phone: (562) 691-0333

Josh... if you want Javi's email or number just email me and I can get that to you. I know that he us up at AKA doing some training. Did you get to train with him at all? How was it?


I remember watching that match live when he first tore his acl at the very begining. He still gave the guy hell in a losing effort, very impressive. I was really pissed cuz I wanted to see him in the big show, which he was 1 step away.

I am here !! LOL

I am afraid she actually wants to name my kid Ravi !!!