Where is Jeff Neal?

Was going to head in to train at Overtime in Chicago and noticed he is no longer teaching there. Anyone have any info on this and where he might be teaching now?



 Weird. His website is still up, send him an e-mail. www.jeffnealmma.com

This sucks... Everything I know of Jeff is that he's a great instructor/coach and a very good guy. I would really like to know how a guy with his history in the sport just all of a sudden has no school to teach at.

All I know is that he was supposedly let go from Overtime yesterday, despite starting the BJJ/MMA program there & having brought probably 100 students in with him. I don't have any other details. He was still listed on the overtime website last night after I heard the news, but he's gone from the site today, though he's still shown in nearly half the photos on the site.

I am a longtime student & I agree Jeff is an excellent coach & a great guy. I'm dying for some answers on this.

Resident A Hole - Can you explain the situation with the Damien Maia affiliate moving in to Overtime several months ago? When I heard that was going to happen I made a comment to a fellow UG member that I hope Jeff wasn't being pushed out... Then all of a sudden this happens... fishy...

The Maia team trained out of a local gym that closed down a few months back. They moved to Overtime, but kept their affiliation under Maia. Currently, the Carlson Gracie & Demain Maia teams have separate classes and are not integrated, but some students attend both classes. I'm not sure exactly what the arrangement with overtime is, or how they'll be affiliated in competition, etc. The Maia team coach posts here as marcovia, I'm sure he could explain the exact situation.

The situation with Jeff doesn't have anything to do with the Maia team, as far as I know.

And I hope that it doesn't... It may not even be fair of me to bring up, but it's very strange. I really like Jeff. He's responsible for my promotions and always helps me out at tournaments when he can. I hope he finds somewhere to teach very soon...

Awww shit!

No worries...He'll find somewhere else with a resume like that?


 I met Jeff Neal at Jr's school once. He chatted with me, real nice guy. I hope everything is okay with him. He talked about how nice the facility and stuff was at Overtime so its a bummer he's not there anymore.


Interesting. I like Jeff and think he's a great instructor. The chicago 'burbs are a big place, so I'm sure he will have a new space somewhere soon.

I heard about this from my buddy of thursday, from what i hear his phone is now disconnected too, I hope this all works out good, Im ranked under Jeff and think hes a great teacher and person all and all, ttt for answers and the best for Jeff

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could you elaborate what you meant? is that guy a shit stirrer?

Not a shit stirrer... Mike's got a history of ripping me for being a "Marcelo Nut Hugger". Which I'm fine with...

The school I train at is an affiliate of Jeff Neal-Carlson Gracie Team, and on occasion some of us travel in to Chicago to train with him. I was just wondering where the individual who is responsible for my training, promotions, etc. was at and what happened that caused him to lose his spot at Overtime.

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