where is John Dixson from

i just wondered

It seems like he is from Mississippi if I remember correctly. He has lots of friends on here so someone will post the correct answer.

He is from Ocean Springs or at least that is where he has been for the past few years. He has a place called Dixon's Dungeon in Ocean Springs. He is currently training lots of talented fighters.

-Adam Brune-

Not that many talented fighters, plus they are all ugly as hella. Just kidding, SUCKA.

not that talented eh. Thats it. after you win that little tourny its gonna be you mr. john brown in da cage. HAHA. It would be funny to see you must admit it.

Dont know who you calln ugly -Hannibal

I went to russia with john and am now thinking of a relocation to the gulfport area and thought he was down there somewhere

Yeah, Gulfport is about 25 minutes from Ocean Springs. John also teaches on Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi. You would think his students could spell his name right. It's D I X S O N. John is from Biloxi originally I think though.

By all means, if you relocate.. come train with us.
John is still training and still fighting, and is still someone you can call friend...
And JC.. as for your comment, You are right. There are some fugly people at the gym... But that Frederick guy.. the 70's porn star... he is a studfrom what all the girls say!!!

what is the fight scene there like

Tell John, Gary Myers says hello.

The FFC is held in Biloxi. The FFC is getting bigger by the event. Rich Clementi and Joe Doerkson are both fighters who compete in it. Jeremy Jackson is also going to make his debut there soon. Then there are fights all the time a few hours away in Lousiana.

and there is no doubt in the locals minds that the man is indeed fred "the stache" griswold

we are going to be down in gulfport in march I am going to have to come see Mr. Dixon and talk about Moscow. Just dont bring any of your girls a long. I would love to start training with some hard core dedicated athletes.

Dont forget Team: Voodoo over here in Slidell, Louisiana. Trainer Rich "No Love" Clementi


Team Voodoo in Slidell, NOLA BJJ and Ancona's in N.O.

"Tell John, Gary Myers says hello."

I did so today, Mr. Myers. He returns your hello.

TTT Reality Combat is this Friday the 13th.


tell john he has mail