Where is Jon Weidler?

He lost a few but was still a legit badass. I have not heard his name on here for about a year. Any word where he is?


A very good exciting fighter.


He was recently KO'd by a high kick from Rich Clementi at FFC.

Santos, when you getting back into MMA??

Shaq Daddy

actually he stunned by the high kick, the flying knee that immediately followed is what KOed him.

True. My bad.



hey Christian Soldier would know what happened to him.

Where has Jon been Randy?

Thanks for asking...I've been laying low but Im in no way gone from the MMA scene. I've got a real nice career going right now that I have been focusing on. I'm anything but done with MMA. I will be back without a doubt with a few suprises. Thanks for all the good words and compliments. Don't count me out of the scene just yet.

By the way Santos, I dont owe you shit...I never came.

Jon P.S. Beezy, good luck with your upcomming fight.

"I've got a real nice career going right now that I have been focusing on."

Cool, what are you doing now? Are you still going to college at Brockport?

Thanks Jon.

And Congrats on your new job, that sounds great.

Holly shit LMOL Santos
Kbreez congrats on your last couple fights mang; keep kicking ass.

Jon glad to hear you are doing well bro. Lot's of folks asking about you. Get in touch when you get the chance.


I was wondering where Jon was myself. Glad to hear he's not retired

The omosplata is wild. Could also be called the Flying Butt Hammer.

Jon, good luck hope to see you fight again.


leg extensions? is that a joke? if so it was pretty lame...actually was that whole post a joke?

you can't get fights because people see how stredded you are and run? do you really talk like that?

just curious..

Jon is a class act...look forward to seeing him in the future.

Not sure how to post a pick with the editor, if anyone can help I'll post a pic.