Where is Kos?

taylork3 - Rick Story
Mike Pierce
Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Martin Kampmann

All coming off losses and would all be interesting matchups Phone Post

You're looking to low down there. You seriously think they are going to put Kos following losing Title fight against Rocha?
Rory McDonald a much better bet Story an outsider. Phone Post

Porkchop74 - 
FUTA WON (d) - Still recovering...

GSP doesn't finish fights but he finishes fighters... they are never the same after being defeated.<br type="_moz" />
Actually GSP hasn't been the same since the 1st Serra Fight once he Got KTFO he has not been the same
I don't remember GSP ever getting KO'd in his entire career, but I agree with the part about him not being the same fighter. He's probably about 10x better now.