Where is leben knockout power?

I keep hearing about Chris Leben's Knockout power, but I have yet to be witness to it. Have people been lying to me about how hard he can punch? He should have knocked that little bitch florian out. Even though i dislike him, Bobby Southworth is the only guy that has thrown some hard punches in the show.

But look what happened when Tyson fought a pussy, he knocked them out in 30 secs of the first round! Florian was supposed to be the weakest one, and I didnt see Leben use his knockout power. What is he saving it for?? DICK.

You could have said that without calling me a idiot though. I have feelings and I will cry like Leben if you push me to far.

I'm surprised Leben didn't KO Florian. Leben was hitting him at will.

sigh. clueless. Kenny was going down but for a brilliant single blow.

So much for Leben's reputation.

Before TUF, I had never heard of him, now I've seen three of his fights and he's lost ALL of them. (downloaded the Doerksen fight)

I dont think he was really throwing power shots at Kenny but just enough to hurt him. I think it was good that he was picking his shot and if the opportunity present it self, then go for the one punch KO. Florian is doing a good job covering up and so there's no point of throwing bombs when the opening isnt really there yet. It's better to throw flurries and land a bunch than trhow a big one and land none.

Ask Swick if Leben as KO power. He should be able to confirm that. IMO

I thought they were both throwing pretty good shots.

maybe hes got a chin from hell

"Just IMO, you sound like a real asshole."

IMO, I am a asshole.

Chris Leben has not impressed me. Josh and Diego are the guys that deserve a shot, and one of them will get a shot, because im pretty sure whoever wins their fight will hammer the shit out of Florian.

"yeah dino, kenny florian is a little bitch?
like you could beat him. lol!

btw, leban is a good puncher. kenny has a good chin and is very skilled in the area of defense."

Why do assholes use that defense when they have nothing better to say. He is a bitch in the professional fighting world, of course he can beat up a guy that does not fight for a living, dumbass. He is very skilled in the defense of using his body as a punching bag for Leben, but yet Leben was not able to knock him out. I was waiting for Leben to put the "stamp" on him. LOL

I think it's quite clear that it is FLORIAN with the one-strike stopping power.

"I think it's quite clear that it is FLORIAN with the one-strike stopping power."


I have to agree. Sure Leben won the first round vs Kenny. But Kenny came back and foguth Leben's game and beat him! I think Leben has power but againist these higher skilled fighters it doesn't stand out much.