Where is Lindland?

We're now 4 months removed from his devastating KO of Horn. Any word on who he'll be fighting next, or in what promotion? You think he'd be a hot commodity right now, as his style has gotten much more exciting and there aren't exactly a lot of top 5 free agents floating around out there.

Well that's certainly a logical take on the situation. Of course by logical, I mean utterly retarded.

Thanks, good to be here.


He's fighting Newton coming up

Id say #4

TC- He's fighting Newton in Feb.

I assume this will be another IFL superfight?

I hope after this he signs with a bigger promotion and takes some more meaningful fights. Lots of great matchups for him in UFC or Pride. I wonder if Gary Shaw has any interest in him for one of his Showtime cards? Lindland vs. the winner of Shamrock/Gracie or Loiseau/Villasenor would be great.

Based on ability and "who would beat whom" factor, Lindland is #1.

Lindland hasn't been so vocal in demanding an immediate UFC title shot since UFC 64. I wonder why?

Lindland's impending victory of Carlos Newton will surely cement his status at the world's #1 middleweight.

ttt for Woogie!