Where is Louis Sims ?

Louis Sims from Texas is fighting Melvin Guillard at the Main Event in New Orleans next Saturday. I called him to check on things and give him his hotel information but his cell phone is off. Does anyone out there have any other way to get in touch with him? I am told he is pretty reliable but I would like to be able to get it contact with him before next week!!!

any new info on him?

melvin likes to fight. Joe doesnt force him. Melvin tells him whether or not he wants to fight i am sure.

Louis Simms called me today so the fight is still on and as for you Billy Boy, Melvin is fighting Louis Simms in a kickboxing match next week and did not get hurt at all at his last fight with Santino but I'll have him get on this thread and tell you himself! He wants to fight as often as his body will let him and and if you think I am in this for the money, you are sadly mistaken, in fact this traveling shit cost me money and I am still in the hole from a fight last summer to Montana, I do this for Melvin, in fact it puts a lot of pressure on me at times from my wife to my young daughter. I would much rather stay home and enjoy my family life. It's people like you who talk shit and know nothing about what's going on, Melvin is like a son to me, you wouldn't imagine how close we are and I do watch out for him, but he is a tough young man and eager to fight! He is the one that I have to watch doesn't make foolish fights for himself, not I , but I will have him get on this thread to tell you that himself this week. Kirik just gave him a green name, but he doesn't have a computer and can only use mine when he comes to the gym!!! I have been in the fight business for a long time, probably before you were born, and I know if he is ready or not, not you! Don't ever insult me again with that comment or anything like it.

Most of your injuries happen in the gym training or did you know that??? AS for boxing, I know for sure it's the preparation and sparring, before not the fight itself that often leads to brain damage!!

It is hard to improve much when you fight as often as melvin does.

Joe, I believe that you care about Melvin, but fighting too much is never good for you. Staying active is good, but there is a point when getting punched in the face a lot isn't so good for you.

billy boy is 100% correct

No matter what sport you do, you learn a hell of a lot more in training every week than you do in fighting every week.

This is Melvin's record with dates, he does not fight every week , so don't say that till you know the facts!!!

 Loss Santino Defranco Submission (Triangle Choke) ISCF-Domination at the DAC 11/20/2004

Win Jason Hathaway TKO ISCF-Compound Fracture 10/15/2004

 Draw LaVerne Clark Draw RCF-Dual in the Delta 9/25/2004

Win Angel Nievens Decision FFC 11-Freestyle Fighting Championships 11 9/10/2004

 Loss Ryan Stout Submission (Armbar) BONO 14-Battle of New Orleans 14 7/10/2004 This was a grappling match

Draw Lee King Draw BONO 13-Battle of New Orleans 13 6/25/2004

Win Rich Miller TKO EC 58-Extreme Challenge 58 6/11/2004

Win Kyle Bradley TKO FFC 9-Freestyle Fighting Championships 9 5/14/2004

Loss Jake Short Decision (Unanimous) FFC 8-Freestyle Fighting Championships 8 3/5/2004

Loss Carlo Prater Submission (Choke) FFC 7-Freestyle Fighting Championships 7 12/19/2003

Win Justin Wieman Submission ISCF-Anarchy in August 8/2/2003

Win Kyle Bradley Submission (Armlock) FFC 6-No Love 7/11/2003

 Win Paul Purcell TKO AOW-Art of War 6/21/2003

 Win Diego Saravia KO ISCF-May Madness 5/21/2003

Win Alex Kronofsky KO BONO 6-Battle of New Orleans 6 4/26/2003

Win Aaron Williams TKO FFC 5-Freestyle Fighting Championships 5 4/25/2003

 Win Victor Estrada Submission (Armbar) BONO 5-Battle of New Orleans 5 3/22/2003

Win Rod Ramirez TKO BONO 4-Battle of New Orleans 4 2/15/2003

 Win Joe Jordan Decision BONO 3-Battle of New Orleans 3 1/18/2003

Win Jonathon Hargroder KO BONO 2-Battle of New Orleans 2 12/21/2002

Win Calvin Martin Decision (Unanimous) BONO 1-Battle of New Orleans 1 11/16/2002

Yo mother fuckers, talk to me, the Young Assassin , if you need to hear the truth,  I fucking love to fight, BIATCH!!!!