Where is Phil Baroni??

Phil normally talks alot of smack b4 a fight...

But i havent seen him on the forum lately..

Any updates on his training??

Will he be at ROTR 5 with Enson?


I just got a Japanese fighting magazine that shows him lifting weights with Enson. He looked to be in good shape.

wow...Evan pulling out some mind games....nice

I think he has been busy preparing his post fight RANT--

After he gets beat by Tanner he will spew something like

2005 will be my motherfu*%&ing year!!!  I am going to hit somebody hard.No one can take my punches!!  I am the best 185 pounder and everyone knows it!!

Matt LIndland better watch out because he hasnt seen a Phil Baroni like the one he is going to see in 2005!!


If Phil loses to Tanner his career is basically over. You can only talk and lose for so long.

STINKIN GENIUS is 100% correct.

He's probably reading this on Enson's gym computer.


I will say that when Phil fights i get pumped up.

Phil is exciting...Never count out a Tanner...

Should be a great fight...

Good luck to both


I can only hope that NovakHT and Stinkin Genius are correct.

 "can only hope that NovakHT and Stinkin Genius are correct"


I hope so but if he wins or loses he will say the same thing.


Thats the beauty of his postfight comments. He can use them if he gets his ass kicked or if he wins.

Best fight on that UFC card IMO.

Phil is in Japan

"Phil will destroy Tanner"


Is your definition of  DESTROY like this ?


Destroy(v) =   to go all out for 35 seconds,only to get taken down later and eat 30 unanswered forearms to the face and head.Quit defending after 10th unanswered blow.

"NovakHT, Phil will own Tanner in the rematch and your take on the first fight is complete BS"


Maybe so-- you could be right. I was being a bit sarcastic... but I tend to smile when people are so sure of themselves.

Why would you think Baroni will OWN Tanner??  They both had their moments in the last fight but I wouldnt say that either one OWNED the other.

And what was BS about my take on the first fight?I am not saying I agree or disagree with the stoppage--only that Tanner was unloading bombs on Baroni's head.Phil was doing a horrible job defending himself.We can all speculate on what would have happened had the fight continued-- but I think we can all agree that Baroni is a loudmouth that seldom backs up what he says.

yes, Baronis CAREER will be deeply hurt if he loses. for someone to say it wont be doesnt know fighting. baroni bases his fights with alot of talk beforehand and to loss more than a few times after that talk just wont cut it.

I wish baroni luck because he is an exciting fighter and i look forward to seeing him fight.

You know that Baroni doesnt want to end up like a Tank Abbott with a 500 record.

That cut stoppage was BS, at least you guys could admit that...

"That cut stoppage was BS, at least you guys could admit that... "


Ok--I will admit that IF you admit that Phil was not defending the forearm blows to his head.

If you wont admit that--then I take it back!!

Randy wassup!?


You goin to 49?