Where is Sam Nest?

OK we all know he looked terrible against that B grade Jap guy in the pink jocks but he is a great fighter. He surely isn't going to retire after that fight. Is he injured or what? What was the go with him pulling MOUNT repeatedly? These questions need answers.

he went to the US to train at Jackson's and found love from what I heard.


Lame. At least his patented mount pull will come in handy then.

with all due respect to Sam I believe Danny HIGGINS, Hector & Kyle to name a few would be too much for him.

I see him as the royce of Aussie MMA he was the man when the others were at a lower level.


I agree. I always liked seeing a dude wearing stubbies kicking ass though.

Maybe he'll come back full of gear soon & retire in spain ;)


Him v James TEHUNA looser must be removed of Ruggers!

There can be only onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne!

Like Highlander?

Yeah yeah on the highlander tip!

The winner can howl in the centre of the ring holding the losers ruggers high above his head as the silver medal winner runs from the arena butt nekkid!


^^^^ LMAO........damn i think i peeeeeeeed my pants after reading all that...LOL

Good old ruggers aye?

thats what i like about Sam, no frills, just a pair of old shorts and lets get to business. Wrestled with him a couple of times, nice guy, so all the best to him, wherever he is.

I like the highlander idea, that would be interesting!

Ruggers are in!!!......well i think so, still wearing them strong!! :D

Nest vs Tehuna would be a good fight.

wanderer, i never bad mouthed ruggers, they were a staple of my primary school uniform, who could forget that money pouch that couldnt hold much more than about $1.50.?

thats right that could buy you a chocie milk and a jam doughnut!!!........

Nest would own Tehuna

Stubbies brand had the best coin pocket in the front, come in great colours too :)

^^^ yeah they do,
but we had to wear 70's style grey at school!!! YUCK!!
and typical the school didn't upgrade uniform till i left!!.......i gave them an earful at school reunion!!

What? there was a grey as well??? I thought the only dye they had at the stubbies factory was brown.

I wore grey and i have photo evidence of this nerd kid dressed in uniform with a big frown!!......I'll never forgive mother for taking that pic.......and no i'm not posting my shame on this forum :D