Where is Sam Pai Kempo?

This gentleman used to grace these boards on a regular basis back in the day(i had another account in 2002-3}where is he at these days? He must be 57 by now...

He was a troll persona.

 He's working lots of hours. I saw him post a week ago.

He's in a knife fight.

Probably in a phonebooth somewhere, waiting for an altercation and chillin' at relaxed code yellow. Just IMO.


he's standing in the middle of a field of broken glass just waiting to 1" punch ground fighters

I miiss him.

Good question. That guy was entertaining.

raoulDuke - gary hughes is no joke. he's big, like 6'3 or 6'4, has very fast hands, and is usually armed to the teeth

 6' 3" 220 lbs. Can still kick you in the teeth.

 his posts are missed.

I like to think that he's out there, somewhere, darting his eyes back and forth in a wary but understated code orange, making the world a better, more heavily-armed place.

Roo Badley - He's in a knife fight.


 If he's in a knife fight somebody's in trouble.

You know he's walking around in "Break-Fool" alert mode!


He's watching reflections in the window as he makes an ATM withdrawal while keeping one hand available to quickly unleash the fury of his concealed 6" blade.

LOL @ the phone booth!

Ooooh the good old days!

The question shouldn't be where is Sam Pei in this scenerio. The question is what are the threats around you right now. Is typing this post caused that slight distraction for the enemy to attack. Or is that small knife tucked under your sleave poised to stike the jugular of the would be attacker as he springs from around your cubicle wall.

I miss him as well.

sam -was he a troll persona?i do believe his contribution to the who all can hit harder than tyson thread...was the greatest in underground history!!!!

TTT for one of my favorite posters