where is saulo ribero?

is saulo in san diego as reported? I believe I read at one point he was moving to ohio, which would be great as I live in pittsburgh...I would have to wonder why ohio over sd. I have spent enough time in each place and well, sd is the obvious choice. so let me know what's really going on.

I douhb tit. It's too cold out there. There is a reason all the Brazilians move to CA, NV, Fl etc...

I talked to Saulo Ribero at a small grappling tournament here in Michigan. He told me that I suck and need to keep my arms in (he watched me get armbarred).

B4 the tourney he made the annoucnement to the crowd that he's moving to Ohio.

san diego was too close to santa rosa.

He will be teaching at Chris Blanke's school.