where is stephan bonner?

does any one know when of if stephan bonner is suspended for, or when is he coming back.

Where's Stephan? See if you can spot him:

their is a warrant out for his arrest for robbery
the victim- Keith Jardine

Check out the new issue of Real Fighter for the whole story! (Hint: he is
on suspension until May.)

Let me ask you great people this;

If you were suspended for steroids ? Would you stop using them ? or keep using them until your suspension was up ?

Because I would just keep using them


Some performance enhancers stay in your system longer than others. Tim Sylvia was still not 100% clear when he first attempted to come back and could not fight when he originally planned to.

Some shit can still be traced up to like 6 months after the fact. Not sure if you'd want to risk being caught again so soon.

hasn't been impressive since his 1st fight with Forrest so who cares?