Where is Stephen Haigh?

After seeing this guy's highlight on Subfighter all I can say is WOW. Why hasn't he been more active in MMA?


TTT for "The shove and slam"!



thank you for the kind words.i'm glad you guys enjoyed the highlights.right now i'm nursing a broken elbow i suffered a few months back.it shouldn't be much longer.the arm is starting to feel pretty good.i've been preparing a student of mine (eddie alvarez)to fight on the 24th,so i'm training alongside him,to help us both. this type of injury is a drag.i will probably be fighting in europe mid/end of summer.
-steve haigh

awesome news. we'd love to see you back in Reality Fighting or MassDestruction.


Or so he says. He is scared to get back in the ring, especially with The BullShark.

THE BULLSHARK he,he...come on seriously.i watched a special on those sharks,they're gay.

Steven where is your video, i lost mine!

ttt for Stephen Haigh!!!

You wish I was gay so you could have a hot piece of ass, you pillow biting queer.

I like Steve a lot, but I hate his bitch, the Bull Shark.

Daisy Duke, come swim in my ocean.

Hey Bull shark, I am a petite girl that wears cut off Jean shorts and I'll still beat your ass with out bo and lukes help.

By the way, why don't you tell everyone what your real nickname is. It ain't no bullshark, it is The "Skid Mark".

TTT for Steve.

Petite?! What planet are you from? You by yourself can keep Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme open for business. Maybe you should change your name to Chubbs or Fattis. You can't duck me today, like Steve.

Very skilled and tough SOB

ttt for Stephen!