Where is the 400-0 Rickson interview?

Does anyone have a link to the article or interview where Rickson Gracie says that he has won 400 fights? I've seen where he says he's undefeated, but haven't been able to find any record of him saying that he is 400-0 and as this number is pretty regularly referred to when discussing him, I figured it would be interesting to see where he mentions it.

Thanks in advance!

I don't think Rickson ever made that claim himself. He just didn't correct the Japanese promoters when they decided to list his record as that.

It was on his old website www.rickson.com. Funny to hear crazy old man Helio go off on his son's record claims in the interview at the end of the Gracie Advanced video set (of course, this was after Rickson split from Rorion and Helio)

Anyone remember this site? ;)


 LOL "1993 [...] Fought Ron Tripp/Outcome still pending"

Interesting: "1994 Defeated Mark Schultz"

Alot of his record talk was in his documentary "choke". If I remember correctly. It's been a while since I've seen it Phone Post

Missing Glove Tape - Anyone remember this site? ;)


lol, some people still think that list is genuine :)

 yeah his record is definetly questionable