Where is the Backlash excitement?

Is it just me, or does this card look as good as Wrestlemania? Sure, we're stuck watching Khali/Big Show, and the Fatal 4 Way which is probably going to suck...

but we're getting the culmination of the WWE's biggest feud in years, MVP/Matt Hardy.

This is going to rock.


Backlash always seems to suck. Something about re-hashing Wrestlemania and serving up the same matches as last month isn't all too appealing.

anyone find a place to watch it online?

i'm surprised. it's 9pm and there is no sopcast that i can find for it. must be that bad.

edit. found one, but damn, it's perfectly clear. noone must be watching it.

brudda I found it here but can't get sound


you got one with sound, lil' help?

Not a bad PPV. Actually had 3 good matches, HBK v. Batista, Taker V. Edge and the 4 way. All the matches had clean finishes. Hope this sets a trend.