Where is the best pizza you have ever had?

North East Pennsylvania has the best pizza.

I’m not a huge fan of Neapolitan pizza. The dough gets too watery and slightly too thin for my tastes.

Still the best spot on earth for good pizza IMO. Not difficult to find nowadays, but some of the institutions, including DiFara, have dropped quite a bit.

Looks like a great place for Chet, Chaz, and Skyler to pour back a couple of light beers and catcall a waitress.

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People that call Pizza 'za are like the dudes that call BJJ “jitz”


People in poker are starting to call “big blinds” “bigs” and it is driving me crazy. I hope it dies out soon. We used to just call them blinds but now dooshes say bigs. I hate it!

il pommodori rome

Mine as well

Unfortunately it is

We definitely need more diversity here. Not enough fights etc during dinner

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I’ve lived in Vegas most of my life, but lived 4 years in Chicago and 3 years in Brooklyn. These are my spots:

Brooklyn - Spumoni Gardens & Grimaldi’s
Chicago - Pequod’s & Lou Malnati’s. Giordano’s is garbage.
Vegas - Settebello & Heavenly Pies. Secret Pizza is good if I’m on the Strip for some fucked up reason. Giordano’s is garbage.

You and your son don’t even have passports, don’t lie…

Great suggestions, I’ve made a few myself, but I hate to disappoint everyone here. New Haven pizza is where it’s at.

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Número Uno. Virtually extinct

Oh man, I hear ya. A few of my friends started to say “agro” instead of just saying “aggravated”, and they’re in their late 30s. I hate this lazy talk BS that’s starting to trend lately.

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Summer of '99. I was staying at Fort Lewis near Seattle, Washington.

No clue what the name of the place even was, but the locals all just called it “take n’ bake” as in “Hey, let’s get take n’ bake tonight.” The place wasn’t far from the base, and the pizza we got was just called “the Chicago.” It was basically a double decker pizza, crust, then toppings, then crust, then toppings. or like a giant calzone with toppings on top, however you want to describe it,

Anyway, everything was perfect on it. The toppings tasted very fresh, the ratios of everything was spot on, the sauce was good, and my cousin baked it to perfection on a pizza stone. It was by far the best pizza I ever tried.

The pizza was thick as fuck and almost required a fork and knife, though some where able to manage without. It was the first time I ever had a pizza so good that I wanted more but physically could not eat anymore. So good that my cousin was looking into ways to ship a couple home to Pittsburgh to see if his friend who owned a local shop could reproduce it. He never followed through with that plan though.

Is that what happens when you don’t order extra cheese?

Papa Murphys Take N Bake?


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I’m staying in Chicago tonight, eating Lou Malnatis by the river in a couple hours. Oh yeah!