Where is "the button"?

I thought it was on Nate Quarry's chin, then it was on both sides of St Pierre's jaw, but apparently it's also above Cro Cop's left ear.

Does the button move around?

Do different fighters have buttons in different places?

Could they train to minimize their buttons?


Sneaky little fucken button...

Rogan enthusiastically supports the sport, but sometimes gets a little sloppy with the factuals

GSP's button is on the back of his head. It was an illegal shot that stunned him. Matt just followed up nicely.

Jesus man, let it go.

The button is located on the chin.  However, a shot to the jaw (or temple) from hooks can cause knockouts.  Anytime the head rotates sharply due to the impact or the jaw takes a hard shot laterally, a knockout can occur.

As for getting kicked in the head, we are talking about a shinbone with significant wieght and velocity behind it (more than a punch), smacking a person in the skull.  It's almost like getting hit with a baseball bat.  The impact, due to the weight and hardness of the leg will cause a knockout.