Where is the "Gracie Breakdown" of the BJJ blackbelt that got beaten up at a bar?

That’s right, they’ve never been in a real fight before, so they wouldn’t know how he could have turned the tables.

But don’t worry, there’s a guy like me that knows BJJ/Wrestling/weapons/MT and i’ll be glad to offer my REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE.

BJJ “teacher” needs a quick draw dagger. Fixed blade, right front pocket with handle out for easy draw. The second you get swarmed you create your frame, pull, then start sticking! A firearm could be good, but a blade up close is better than a gun, IMO.

Summary: Drill getting swarmed, knocked down, and creating just enough space to get up and draw blade to engage.

The rubberguard bullshit they teach these kids is going to get someone killed.


Let’s see the vid.

If it’s mutual combat, you’re a bitch for pulling a blade OP. If you’re attacked against your will… kill them all!


Mutual combat includes being jumped by multiple attackers who beat you nearly to death? That’s called self defense and it beats having to be hooked up to machines and having a snapped neck.

Im sure they still offer the Gracie Challenge.

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Go to my thread on the Underground

I remember an old episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter where one of the sons pulled guard on a meth head during an apprehension.

Here it is:

MMA coach gets brutally beaten by gang in front of a bar - Underground - MixedMartialArts.com - Forums

If you’re ever in mutual combat outside a ring you’re a fucking idiot who deserves to get stabbed

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Shut up dork lmao.

Its shocking to me the amount of grown men on this site that think a fist fight is some horrible thing.

Fist fighting another man isnt bad. It is good. Men should be able to.settle their differences without interference.


You got fisting confused with fist fights bro

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Totally agree, in my younger days a fight was just that 2 people going at it. Now it’s like the world is full of pussies and it’s never one on one and always sucker punches etc.

Truth is nowadays you’ve no idea how far the other will go if you lose. And they don’t care if you crack your head open, break you neck, spine etc. So fight like hes going to do permanent damage or kill you.
Pulling a blade is always on the table if things aren’t going your way but for the love of all things good get training and try not to kill the guy. Often a stab or 2 will go a long way to stop an attacker.
If you’re getting swarmed, all bets are off. Its open season on necks, arteries and ligaments, eyes, genitals…

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If you pull a blade you’re still probably getting beat down when jumped by multiple attackers, just fyi. Probably worse. If it makes you feel safer, carry on.

Best defense is situational awareness & avoiding shit like this.

Oops wrong post on wrong thread lol

great, now we need a Gracie breakdown on porn and submissions too


Yeah yeah I fucked up lol

IIRC, the fight happened right outside of a nightclub, which probably has security who aren’t letting anyone in with a knife or a gun.

Aren’t you the fat dude trying to lose weight? Gtfo here