Where is the "Gracie Breakdown" of the BJJ blackbelt that got beaten up at a bar?

No. You got me confused with someone else. I’m like 170lbs.

Arent you the dork who’s so against fist fights that you think all participants should be knifed? :joy::joy::joy:

BJJ is a sport. All of the really effective military application stuff was removed from it decades ago

I love BJJ but going to the ground intentionally is a bad idea in a non-MMA, no rules fight, especially a melee like in that video. John Danaher has great insight into this from his years bouncing in some tough bars and clubs in NYC. Put your opponent on the ground while you remain standing and kick the shit out of them.

If you’re getting swarmed obviously you’re fucked. Hit hard and try to get out of there.

This is why I don’t attend clubs like that.

The plus-1 rule… The ground limits your mobility completely which is very bad. No military on earth teaches its soldiers to buttflop

I’m undefeated in street fights. I shriek like a woman and pull hair and bite. No can defend.

i am already a black belt in avoiding fights and hanging around shady people

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Only way out of this is to run. Also, make sure you dont hang out at shitty places.

The dagger isnt a bad idea, id say left pocket or left of belly on belt. Gun to the right.

Use dagger to create space, shoot a couple and run. Shoot those following.

Would that be legal in a conservative state? I imagine getting jumped by several people would meet the standard of facing seriously injury or death.

Either way prevention is the best approach. Having to shoot someone in self defense would be a nightmare scenario.

That’s just the thing: The gracie challenge does not in any way resemble what happened to this guy.

Secondly, if you think today’s generation of gracies are stupid enough to fight a dojo challenge you are out of your mind.

You missed the point completely.

Regardless, you should totally take all your real world experience and walk into the Gracie Academy. Go get em, champ!