Where is the roughest place in the world you’ve visited outside of your home country?

Any good stories? Post em here


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South Auckland New Zealand for sure. Several rygby tours, some smaller towns in New Zealand have some gnarly characters.

Normally when you’re a visiting rugby squad hosted by the locals you have the run of the town not so much in new Zealand, you’re just a target.

Been to way poorer places than New Zealand but frequency of dudes looking for a fight is insane, nit everywhere mind you most kiwis are chill but certain places at cwrtain times of the day NZ is no joke.

We have worse here but they are more isolated youre less likely to end up there

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I was in a drug deal gone wrong in tijuana. I got pistol whipped twice and got a haymaker to the nose before I realized that it was going wrong. My nose gushed blood everyday for about a month after it happened. I crossed the border without id. The border patrol let me through and wanted to call an ambulance, but the cocaine running through my veins made me deny it. I was wrecked for awhile, but I bounced back

Khabarovsk Russia, (Eastern Siberia) a little bit of left over communism with a big 'ol dash of Mobsters mixed together with gaurds, guns and Gurlz!
Our Russian Hosts were as nice as could be and made sure we had everything we needed and if we didnt they dilivered it to us buuuuuuut there was a level of danger all around and at all times.
We made it out in one piece so, it was a great time. Lol!.

PS - the women were ridiculously beautiful.

PSS - Every Indian Reservation I’ve been to is rough.

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Iraq. March 2003 - 2005


Fallujuah Iraq 04-05 again in 2006


On a solo op in Sarajevo… at the time USMC had no Serbo speakers in recon; because of my background I went back to DLI to learn it… the fuckers taught us the wrong dialect and I was basically the equivalent of a Deep Southerner in NYC during the Civil War… made it pure hell for almost 3 months (alone!)… it was during this time, that I decided I was never working for the gov’t again (after 8 yrs in).


Buddy of mine got snatched up for pissing in the street and disappeared for a week. We were just out of high school so we had to leave him. He showed up a couple weeks later saying how the cops beat the shit out of him with night sticks and made him call everyone he knew for money. When he couldn’t reach anyone they smashed jalapenos in his mouth and threw him in a cell. After his parents kept calling the embassy the cops drove him to an alley near the border and kicked his ass out of the car and told him to never come back to Mexico


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