Where is the Saved Threads?

Sorry if this question have been answered many times before. But where did they go?

I tried using the Find function.... but that doesn't seem to work either? :/


From the thread "Changes" on the UG

From: Kirik
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Date: 01/12/04 07:30 PM
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Hey Andrew!
Email your home address it went through the wash.

RE: FYI, the option to go to saved threads for each forum is gone, even though the threads still exist in 'my threads'. Also, the option to save threads is gone from the admin panel.

I think in Site Preferences you can make your own forum, drawing from any sub forums, and any threads you want, and any threads posted by anyone you want.

As we will shortly be archiving all threads, there was no save thread necessary!


Then I said,

From: Andrew Yao
Date: 01/12/04 10:17 PM
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Hey Kirik, will do as soon as I move to the new place.
I don't think that makes a lot of sense to remove the archives. The point of the archives is a place to save all the best threads, as selected by the moderators, in one convenient list that everyone can see. The current forum doesn't have that functionality.


but he didn't respond to that.

I think if a bunch of people started whining about it on the main forum that would help.