Where is Tim Laijcik?

A while ago (around this summer) he was scheduled to fight but then I think nothing happened.

Did he retire?

I have had some e-mail contacts with him and he was always kind and humble.

I'd like to know if he is still in the game, considering he doesnt fight since 1 year and half.

Im not sure if he is retired or not,but I know that he has trained at Monster Island & AKA.He posted on the Holy Grail thread,but other then that he didnt say anything about retiring when I chatted with him briefly by e-mail.

he was supposed to fight wes simms i think before he got the offer to fight mir. lajcik is cool as fuck.

Lajick is real cool. Eugene Jackson is too

tim lajcik is awesome, both in and out of the ring. and he was completely owning kimo until that freak accident with his toe.

I kinda recalled Tim's gf telling me had surgery recently, but I'm not sure.

I'd like to see him in the ufc again. He's probably not championship material, but he'd be a solid hw to have around.