Where is Yushin Okami on UFC 92?!

mmaweekly reports that the main card has CB fucking Dolloway fighting on it, but Yushin Okami/ Dean Lister is on the prelim.

what the fuck?!

i don't care if Dolloway has TUF alumni status or not... Okami is at this second, the most legitimate contender to the middleweight title, and if he beats Lister, it'll be that much more certain... so basically, this is prolly Okami's last fight before a title fight, and its on the prelim?!

shit like this just pisses me off. so, if CB loses this one too, should we just expect he'll be a main event in a couple months? fucking stupid ass-backwards marketing machines.

-.-; prelim??

It really is a joke that Okami is on the prelim but Okami/Lister is a shit fight anyway. If Anderson wants to fight so soon again then just scrap this fight and put Silva/Okami on UFN 16

i didn't see the thread mauraranllosmic had started on this same topic... so sorry to start another.

That is fucking ridiculous if true.

Okami HEADLINED a card with Franklin, didn't he??? I know it was at least the co-main event or something. Now, he's on the fucking prelims? Unbelievable.

This really is a piss poor decision if true. This guy is the #1 threat to the MW belt and they are prelimming him?

Way to build up your contenders.

Okami/Lister will probably be boring, but it's a contender fight and should be on the main card IMO.

it is a completely ridonculus decision to put okami.lister on the undercard.

But hey... thy gotta sell those ppvs

 Please...They are going to give Okami a title shot like they are going to give Lindland one.   You people really still don't get it do you.

smells like okami is on the chopping block. this is probably the last fight on his contract, then its bye bye okami to make room for junie and the gang.

"Please...They are going to give Okami a title shot like they are going to give Lindland one.   You people really still don't get it do you."

Somebody tell Okami to wear a non offensive shirt STAT!

what a joke...cb didnt even win tuf...

he will finish lister fairly quickly, imo

Say what you want about Dean, but he has never been finished. He's a super tough SOB. I think this one has the potential to be an absolute war.

It is not like they want him to lose and then cut him.  They matched him up against Dean Lister.  No offense to Lister but what has he done to deserve a fight with the number 1 contender to the MW title? 

 I am pretty sure Blaf and Silva believe Okami should win this fight.

It sounds like they're expecting a decision. Okami has every opportunity to make the main card, but it will have to be with a quick decisive win.

 Didn't Zuffa just demote Reed Harris for not having Cerrone-Razor on the main card knowing the winner fights Varner?