Where R the Big Japanse Promotion?

Why has there not been a large promotion rising to fill the Pride hole left in Japan?


Pride would fill 30 to 60,000 seat arenas, how can there not be a market for this?



With what talent? Most of Pride's name fighters have signed with another organization by now, so you cant have a new company come in and make waves. Theres no existing company ready to step up. Although K-1 has been and is still putting on huge shows independent of Pride.

Just because Pride had a huge audience doesnt mean there's a company waiting in the wings to swoop in and take their spot. I doubt even DEEP has the money and talent to attempt it.

Do you live under a rock? Look at the Yarennoka card.

MMA popularity has been on a fast decline in Japan. The casual Japanese fan is satisfied with Pride, or Hello Kitty. Real Japanese MMA fans watch Shooto like they always have.