Where’s the gif button?


Fuck ya, fuck.

Mines disappeared.

Only 5 or 6 hours ago I posted, raving about its inclusion and ease of use.

And then, Presto! It’s gone.

Top men, please rectify asap.

Even without the button, it’s still 1000% easier to embed gifs (and other media). I do like that button though.

Right now yes, and it’s still here. Android webpage

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It’s gone off mine as well. I’m on IOS

Ah! I see. I wonder if it’s just the app?

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UG theme android app

I’m digging into it. Appears the update to the GIPHY plugin has removed the functionality from a mobile browser, but not the desktop site.

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Did you see the screenshots I posted ? Those were from the mobile browser. Android. May be a pos apple thing…lol.

Well that failed with the post above yours…lol. But it’s stil on mine so that’s really all that matters…
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Apparently this is a known issue and the Discourse team is looking to have it fixed.

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There is a “desktop” mode in the mobile browser and discourse hub app (I’m not sure about the iOS mma.tv app because I don’t wear velcro shoes). The gif button is there if you are in desktop mode even on mobile.

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So what do we call these guys? Super top men?

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Yes, I’m in desktop mode on my phone so I can see who started a thread… In case I need to keep on scrollin…

Just Top Men… Kirk’s boys have been relegated to Bottom Men… Like they weren’t allready…
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Cool beans. Thanks Chris!

The app I’m using is from a link you posted in a thread. Not from the play store app and it’s not discord.