Where should I train in London? - Dilemma

Hi Guys, I'm relocating to London from Tokyo and have always dreamed of training @ Rogers. I was training at Renzos in NYC, then with a Checkmat/Master Team affiliate in Tokyo. I'm here for a week on business and went to check out Roger's just now - it was closed! Not only that, it seems to be in a somewhat dangerous area and would also take me a good 30 mins to get to for training.

I found another school, London Fight Factory, that is literally a 5-10 min walk from my office. My job has some wierd hours (up at 530am in the office by 630am and out by 6pm or so) - so maximizing sleep and minimizing travel are priorities as well.

I guess my question is, giving my situation - where would u train if u were me? On the one hand Roger's is world class, but if I get drained with the travel I may just lose motivation to train. I'm a purple belt but still a hobbyist and not too hardcore about it. London Fight Factory also offers MMA, Boxing, and Thai Boxing courses and is probably half the price.

I'm stumped. If anyone has any good or bad things to say about LFF, that might sway my decision as well.


I was going to suggest Roger Gracies academy but it looks like they have not been paying their bills...

you guys are awesome. yea - i checked roger's site this am and it was up, then tonight and it was down, and their windows were shuttered... can they really be out of biz??? heard london shootfighters is even more out of the way...

LFF has had seminars with Wanderlei and Ricardo Viera.. but again, seminars are not full time teachers!