Where to Buy 2004 Mundials DVDs?

A recent Gracie Mag said that the 2004 Mundials were voted the best ever. I can't find where to buy the DVDs. Someone work with me here.

Maybe Budovideos? Phone Post 3.0


They are out of print. I remember that bjjtapes.com created them. Good luck in finding a copy. Phone Post 3.0

That's what I thought. Budo Videos says they're out of stock, and I haven't seen them anywhere else. Sucks.

Yeah if you did not get it when BJJ Tapes was around you pretty much have no shot at getting it ever. Glad I got mine when it came out but I have yet to see another copy anywhere.

I've seen it available for download. I'm not sure if you're interested in that.

If not, I guess I could get a hold of the download and then upload the matches. It's only the finals. Someone will have to remind me to do so around christmas, don't have the time until then