Where to buy a decent prized gi???

My little brother just started bjj and needs a gi. He doesnt want to spend a million bucks but I dont want him to get a crappy one. Any ideas on who or where to get one from?

I will be forever grateful for any insight Phone Post

Bjjhq.com Phone Post 3.0

Can't beat bjjhq.com Phone Post

Fuji Phone Post 3.0

Sweet, thanks guys. I will have him check right now Phone Post

It's one deal everyday for 24hrs. If he doesn't like the breakpoint gi they have today for $100, wait until 11pm et and there will be a new deal. Phone Post 3.0

Ok cool. I have no idea what his budget is but I will pass this along Phone Post

I love my padilla & sons gi. It is pretty cheap and is good quality. I like heavier gi's though....they last longer. Also had a Howard unbleached gi as my only gi for probably the first two years I did jiu jitsu. that is another quality option to check out

Check out Howard Combat Kimonos. Great gi's that last

If you're in Canada, you won't find anything better than The Gi Hive.

Budovideos.com has Fuji Gis at a great price and their service is excellent.

Wait for Black Friday. Youll get a deal on Budo for sure. Phone Post

Fuji. Best GI under 100 bucks imo Phone Post