Where to buy bjj belt?

My boy spencer pratt told me you can just buy belts online lol.

Ok seriously, I do need to buy a new belt and was wondering a site to buy them from? I didnt see any on mmawarehouse.com


Jiujitsu Pro Gear


If you're near Lawndale, you should check out the store, it's pretty awesome.

thanks man

No problem buddy, I have personal experience with them and the guys working there know their shit. Always nice to go to the store and check things out yourself.

But I hear good things about budovideos.com and otmfightshop.com

How do you like this.

We have a club that is affiliated with us and is run out of a small city a few hours away. This club had at one time around 30 student (small city) but the instruction was decent. This small city is loaded with money(oil money). When word got out about the Gracie online program, this club lost HALF of its students cuz the dumb faggots would rather pay to get there bluebelts quickly, than earn them. We had some fights last weekend that pitted real jiu jitsu against Gracie Online jiu jitsu. Guess who won... : )

Fucking faggots looking for an easy promotion. They got owned.