Where to buy cheap thai pads?

Looking to purchase some thai pads....where are some cheap places I could buy them? Fairtex's pads are lik $100 so that is out of the question. Thanks all.


ringside, there like 50 bucks, i have a pair there ok,

Thai land


These are heavy duty Twins pads. They can take a beating.

hopefully nobody on your team can kick. Otherwise you will be able to tell you bought some cheap ones.

lol KB---I want some "cheap" one's meaning price, not quality, or a happy medium. Thanks for your help everyone.


Yor welcome


I got a pair from Title and believe me they're pretty

I have used the title ones before--I ordered them---$79 including shipping, not bad...thanks all.


I will sell you mine

Make sure you get them shorter then elbows
length though. I have a pair of Aries that are really
long (past the elbow) and they are hard to use.


                        + duct tape..  :)

momita lmol

well, he did write he wanted "cheap" one's meaning price, not quality............... right?  :)

momita, lol. Douse those spounges in some water and hook them up to a car battery, and bam....you have an electric kick

now you're getting all lethal weapon on me tillet.

I tried to make them today I failed.

if at first you don't succeed try try ....... again.. :)