Where to buy IBJJF no-gi uniforms in Ontario?

Just wondering where I can buy an IBJJF approved rashguard and shorts in Ontario? I'm picky about what I wear (I don't like tough guy looking stuff).

If not in Ontario, does anyone know of any reputable places online that ship to Canada?


Atama has some non-tough guyish looking rashgaurds that are IBJJF competition approved and you can order directly from their website. atama-kimonos.com.
i think they cost about $60. kinda steep.

or order from budovideos.com they got a couple of brands that are also IBJJF apporved for cheaper ($40-$50). I have ordered from them a few times before and have never had any problems at all.

hope it helps.

Toronto BJJ has the rashguards, alot of places have proper shorts.


Everything ya need for no gi is there! Phone Post