where to buy maize bag?

or something similar? dont want to have to make that shit myself...looking for something i can attach to a swivel hook...cant find much on google

ringside.com Phone Post

I just fill a 20oz soda bottle with water or sand tie a string on it and hang it up.

I know you said "don't want to have to make that shit myself" but I thought I'd just through that out there.

I made one out of a plastic bread sack filled with sand. Dropped it inside two old sweat socks & covered it in duct tape and hung it from some bungee cord. It works great.

I had the idea and when I make my own stuff I just do a quick web search on what other guys have done, so I can can learn from their experience. You can get some awesome gear that way pretty inexpensively.

I've made kettlebells, a welded wide handle dumbbell, a medicine ball a great speedbag platform and a few other things. I go to a gym, but I like having my own place at the house to workout too. Here's the youtube I watched for the maize bag.