Where to buy Muay Thai Arm Bands?

Hey guys-

Anyone know a good site where I can purchase Muay Thai Armbands that many Thai fighters wear?

Thanks a lot.



Steer clear of Thaiboxinggear.com from my experience with them. The shipping times suck, the shipping rates are overpriced even though they do not use a courier service, and they advertise every product ever made...and don't have it in stock. The factories can't keep up with demand, so how could a vendor??

Plus, they charge $12.50 for each prajiat and $17 for shipping! That's $42 for a 2-color set.

Fightinggear.biz only charges $9.95 for the pair plus only $6 shipping. $15.95 is a lot less than $42.

Personally, I placed 3 orders with thaiboxinggear.com prior to KaoLoy's lead to fightinggear.biz. I waited 42 days, 37 days and currently am still waiting on a pair of gloves now going on 34 days. That's slower than ThaiDirect which has delivered in under 4 weeks twice. But my order from fightinggear.biz arrived in 3 days!!!!

Da Swede-

Most every K-1 MAX fighter has them. Do you think they were all given out by monks?

Thanks for the links guys.



That site only has the bands in red white and blue?


Yeah, there are a lot of Muay Thai accessories that have become "fashionable" to wear, regardless of their meaning....

I mean, like c'mon! Don't tell me you don't know at least a dozen people who wear Muay Thai ankle supports because they "look cool!" as opposed to actually NEEDING them.....



I didn't think I'd get made fun of for asking where to get these...

My buddy is fighting a kickboxing fight in May and asked me where he could buy these arm bands. Thats all.

Sorry if I come across as a "poser". I guess im not cool enough to fit in the kickboxing circle. :)


who cares what people think ,get the stuff you want get out there an kick someone in the neck !! it'll make you feel better :)

SA -

That's what is listed but shoot off an email and ask scott if he can get the color combo your friend wants.


you could also try www.soccernmore.com I don't know what they're prices would be on that or the selection but I have ordered other things from them in the past.

Also I received arm bands as a gift from one of my trainers and I have in turn given atm bands and mongkols to some of my students. I also know that some gyms use them for rank.

Da Krush - soccernmore is actually thaiboxinggear now. It automatically redirects you.

Pisand - I did not know that about soccernmore, thanks. Too bad if the service has gotten so bad.


has about 70 different color schemes in the "arm bands"

Where do you come up with 70?? You only list 11.

TTT for http://fightinggear.biz/

The Thais are generally very religious and follow the Buddhist faith. This is very evident in the Muay art and traditions which I'm sure most practitioners are fully aware of. Wearing the prajied (arm band) is a part of this tradition, in the same way the Wai Khru Ram Muay before a fight, climbing over the top rope, sealing of the ring, flowers in the fighters corner to pay homage to the spirits for protection etc. I think it's a very good thing to follow such customs as they only enrich and keep strong the traditions and customs of this art form.

"Belief in amulets in the present day is very much a private matter. Fighters not giving credence to them may not even use them at all. However all Muay Thai fighters must use the mongkon and prajied. The mongkon must be worn until the completion of the Wai Khru Ram Muay ritual and then removed before the actual contest, whilst the prajied must we worn throughout. These are matters dictated by tradition in which fighters have no leeway to choose. Other amulets still commonly used are dhragrut and paa-yan made into prajied."

"Prajied: a band of cloth, traditionally red and white, worn around the upper-arm during a contest to induce toughness and help the fighter to avoid danger. In practice, a Muay Thai fighter can incorporate anything in which he believes and which he venrates into his prajied -- or mongkon or pirod: a strand of his father's hair or even a thread from his mother's paa-tung (sarong) used at the time of his birth. As well as the possibility of wearing a paa-prajied on one arm and a gamrai pirod (qv) on the other, other possible varieants are to wear a single prajied on the more dexterous arm, or to wear a wider band of the more dexterous arm and a narrower band on the less dexterous arm."

Taken from "Muay Thai - A Living Legacy" by Lesley D Junlakan.

TTT for http://fightinggear.biz/

When is fairtex going to update their site? I would love to buy a couple pairs of shorts from them, and maybe some other gear, but their selection is so limited. I know they have more than the shit they list on their site.

Yeah. That would be nice. A month now and nothing is updated. I found better made Twins stuff and it ships faster. Plus, more selection. Not a great way to restore a tarnished reputation by keeping faithful clientele in the dark. Love their posts about all this great new gear, but they have nothing to show as an example. Personally, I'd like to at least see it first.

try fightinggear.biz

"Where do you come up with 70?? You only list 11. "

i come up with ABOUT 70 as i've seen many of them we are not able to show ever single pair. just call direct and speak with someone live they are more than happy to help you. 888.512.7727

the website is a work in progress it is being worked on. so hopefully it will be updated quite soon.