where to camp in NY Adirondaks ?

heard Lewey Lake was good and The Point near Ausable.Imsure theres other great ones Any suggestions of one with great views and hikes from the camp Thanks

If you like to canoe or kayak, check out the Raquette River. Takes about 3 days to do. a few portages, and the smallmouth bass fishing is incredible. Also caught a few nice walleyes and northerns.

Also, I live in the southern adks. Lewey Lake is nice, but I never go into Placid so not sure about Ausable. The trout fishing in town on the artificial lure section ive heard is insane though.

I liked racquet lake, golden beach state park. The only thing is there are only about 4 great sites. They have lake access but only the last 4 are awesome, the rest have a small cliff. Phone Post 3.0

Golden Beach is a nice state camp ground. Next time your in Racquet, have dinner at Daikers. Its just south on 28 by a few minutes. Great food, nice bar,and if the weathers nice eat out on the deck. View of 4th lake is great from there.

not big with fishing but love streams and waterfalls Thanks

Idk but its an amazing area. In for info. Phone Post 3.0

Subbed. Ever since I saw a tree growing around a boulder in a nat geo spread I've been obessed with the Adirondacks Phone Post 3.0

go into the high peaks, not just Ausable.

what campground

thanks nice site

Be sure that you don't go during black fly season.


It's the NYS equivalent of bringing your family to Disney World during gay week.

whens the season

ok early june not good