where to get gi patches made?

anyone know where I can get some custome gi patches made.


www.nogi.com :)

I checked out your website and I didn't see anything about custom patches. Would I just contact you directly. I'm looking to get a custom patch made. I'm interested in the square patches that go on the back of the gi.

I'd like info on this too.


I already have the logo and design I want to use. I just need a company that can make them for me for a good price. I'm also not looking for a huge quantity.

Also does anyone know where I can get custom rashguards made also? Once again I have a logo this also just need to get it put on and i'm not looking for a large quantity of this either. I checked out www.fxgear.com anyone have comments on them.

Thanks in advance


You might want to check out


Allen's really good & prompt

Thanks guys, I'll check all of them out.

What do you guys think is best for the big square patches that you put on the back of a gi. Embroidery or silkscreen. I guess silkscreen may be cheaper, but embroidery will last much longer. Don't most BJJ gi patches have silkscreen on the back.

Depending on quantity and your budget we can make them either silkscreen or embroidered, Blake has our work.

If you have a questions and or need a quote send your art work to jj@casca-grossa.com and or call 678-908-8923.






that's a good idea considering i'm not looking for a huge quantity and the logo I want to put on it is just one solid color. Not sure why I didn't think of that already. I'll also keep the other suggestions in mind for the future.



ttt - goood information for pyjama fighters.