Where to get mats?

Hey crazycabbie I have two folding Mat's for

sale that would give you a 6x8 foot area
if you have any interest e-mail me at ddlmark@aol.com


Thanks for the info. and ideas. Han, i will check out Home depot this weekend. I think I would need at least 8 x 8 and preferable 10 x 10. I'm pretty much just looking for something to throw down in the basement.


Beetlejuice rules!!!!!

so we al going to be able to come and roll at your place then CC? ahahahahah!

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they sell pinnacle mats...follow the link...you can buy used mats from them

also there is a sale on wrestling shoes right now for anyone interested


Feel free to share your wealth of knowledge with me too...:)


www.hatashita.com is in Kitchener ON

they have judo tatami, puzzle mats and wrestling mats and are the direct distributors.

Crazy Cabbie,

BTW, are you looking for portability, storage, or you just going to leave the mats in place like in your basement or something?

Simply put its like this. The more convenience you want, the more you'll have to pay.

If its pure grappling, puzzle mats (martial arts ones) are decent and a good bang for the buck. But for say a 10x10 area (3m x 3m), you should still expect to pay about $350. But thats based on 1.5 yr old prices. No joke.

Personally, I haven't seen the Home Depot ones, but if its the 1/2 inch thick kind to put for home flooring, it might suffice, but my guess is it wont last as long. But then again for a 4x4 area -- if the dimensions are in feet -- thats awesome for $20!!! Buy a few!

Howeever, if you want a more semi-pro to pro look, talk to me. Brand names are just that ... you'll be paying for someone elses branding. I know of 3 places that can make mats, and if no one knew this before, the Swain "Home Martial Arts Mat" as sold in Canada by Century is actually made here in Ontario. Guess what happens when you cut out the middle man? i.e. Century? : )

Talk to Tony too, cause he actually asked me the same question earlier this year. If both of you are game, and esp of we can find other guys ... for sure i should be able to get us a better rate (from the manufacturer).

ok back to work!


hey joe,

its me James btw ...

like i said to CrazyCabbie, i dont have the original email anymore as my laptop got jacked 2 days ago. pisses me off. was locked in my office at work too + locked to my desk. go figure.

so i'm working from home today ... no joke @ how inconvenient this is. oh well ... at least i can check the UG during the day ;)

anyways, i dont really want to retype the whole thing as its 2 pages, but i got it broken down by various sizes for folding mats, thicknesses, + the costs. As well as where to get puzzle mats (only had 2 suppliers back then), and 2 canadian sources for wrestling mats.

but i keep and file all my stuff related to martial arts equip etc ... so feel free to ask me if/when you got a specific question.

like i mentioned to Danny in a previous email, i used to do this stuff (selling m.a. supplies) on the side ... just like you guys! :) ... but many years ago. just these days ... not so much time.

But alot of my accounts are still good as i call or mail my suppliers now and then.


crazy cabbie,

ask Dave if he still has the email i sent him Janaury 25, 2000. yeah i know ... January, 2000?

fyi: i reasearched that exact question, that is where to get mats. i still have the hard-copy of the email ... but not the actual email as my laptop got stolen 2 days ago .... but i can get wholesale from quite a few manufacturer.

whether you want velcro folding, puzzle mats, wrestling mats or custom made, i know where to get all of them.

but if you're just going to grapple, the Home Depot thing sounds good.

otherwise send me an email.


crazy cabbie give me an email at




Thank you PJ for the info.


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James, change your name to 'I rule' or 'Mr. Knowledge'...:)

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Home Depot has mats for home, they are interlocking
mats and they only cost $20 for a 4X4 area.

they are perfect for rolling but a little thin
for heavy throwing.

Hatashita Enterprises http://www.hatashita.com specializes in jujitsu/judo/grappling mats and will ship anywhere needed. Check them out. Hope this helps.


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