Where to get modded xbox system?

I wanna buy a used/new xbox system. I would prefer to get a modded one because it seems like the best way to make sure even if i scratch the games i buy, I would have a backup in my hard drive just "incase". Any idea where i can get one besides ebay? Thx


I thought the "incase" in quotes or the winking smiley face at the end would be clear enough for people to know what I meant. Sorry that it wasn't for you, but thx for letting me know where not to get it from.

The greatest thing about my dreamcast was that I could get burned games for $5 and play them on my system. Now i would like to be able to do the same thing with my xbox. Dont get me wrong..I know its illegal and all that stuff, but even though I knew it was I still bought burned games as well as paid full price for the actual game itself. Just the games that I wanted to keep like Shenmue 1 and 2, PSO, UFC, NFL/NBA/NHL series. But ofcourse for every game I really bouight, i got about 4 burned games.

Im still gonna pay full price on some games like GTA, NCAA series and the like and I still know this doesnt make it okay for me to do this. Im still searching though....

DAyuuuuuum @ the 120gig.

Yea im not gonna have games saved into the drive. Im not looking to spend more than $200 into the system.

If you're in NYC I know where you can get it installed.

I still have the original HDD in mine. It's big enough for music, emulators and roms plus your favorite few Xbox games. It would be cool to have a 120 though but burning DVDs works fine too.

so all you need is a big hard drive to save games ( the actual game, not just game files) into the hard drive? Or how does it work? Help Big Pun!

Whats better Xecutor lite 2.3 or Xecutor Pro 2.3? Any differences between the two? Im not getting much info off the web about them. Just geeks fighting.

I'm waiting for my 200GB drive in the mail.

Are Xbox hdd loader and dvd2xbox basically the same thing? I read dvd2xbox backsup the game right from the xbox to the hd, so you don't need a pc.

I was told that depends on the bios you use, Big Pun.

I'm new to all of this so i'm just trying to read and learn everything i can on the subject. I'll have more hands on exerience when i get my HD.


Im pretty sure I heard that they have come out with a BIOS that will read over 132gig. I bought an Xbox a few days ago and will be modding it soon so I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.

Still waiting for my HD. :(