Where to Get Paint

More specifically,; I am working on a Jackson Kelly I have and want to refinish it in a Jackson color known as Absinthe Frost. I have been searching the Internet to find a place where I can get this color but have not succeeded. If anyone can give me any suggestions I will take them.



 In all likelyhood it is a stock automotive color that you could cross reference at an auto paint store.

I'll ask a friend of mine that  does custom work for Jackson occasionally. She may know of a color list that could help


Thanks Rex. I have been going through automotive colors and just cannot find one that is even close. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.


 I'll give her a call today.

This can most likely be made using the PPG Vibrance line. Some PPG paint dealers will have a selection of paint chips and you might get close just by looking at the sample. WARNING...this paint will not be cheap and they most likely make you buy a minimum of 1 pint. This could be as high as $500. I have a good relationship with my supplier and am fortunate enough to be able to buy 1/2 pints. If you keep having trouble finding it, I'm happy to help.

 TKO,seriously. How likely is it that Jackson is using a paint that costs that much?

Talk about cutting into your profit margin.

Yeah Rex,
It's one of those things where a factory like Jackson or more accurately, Fender(FMIC), or Harley Davidson, for that matter, will buy so much of it that they will get better pricing than we can. Plus, keep in mind that guitar is $3500+ and how many are they going to make in that color? They will make sure they get their money back one way or another. Plus using those expensive colors keeps us small folks from duplicating their paint jobs...at least they think it keeps us from doing it :)
The next time I go to my supplier, I will take another look at those Vibrance samples to see if I can find something close


I talked to Daneen at customairbrush.com. She confirmed what you said about how high material costs could get. The only thing she'd seen that pricy was the prismatic stuff. PPG did the first that I know of back in 1994 on the Mystic Black Mustang. I heard the materials for that color changing finish pushed $5000 per car. Don't know how accurate that is but it puts things in perspective.


If I remember correctly, the Mystic paint on the 94 Cobra was first produced by R-M who was owned by BASF. I believe it was about $5000 per gallon and you could only buy some paint if you could prove you owned that Cobra and it had paint damage. You could only get the paint at the dealership and I was told you had to return whatever paint you didn't use. (I can't verify that part). After a while the rules were softened and we could buy whatever prismatic colors were available. I was buying colors for $40 per ounce. These "Vibrance" pearls are about the same price and sometimes more.
Sorry Joe...didn't mean to hijack your thread but I am hoping to go to the paint store tomorrow and I'll let you know what I find.

 TKO, it's no hijack to provide info.

 BASF it was:

1994 Mystic Mustang

WOW! 90's Flashback! Crazy color... Du Pont's Version of that color was called "Rosy Purpleen". Too obnoctious for a whole car but I must have done 20 or 30 flame jobs on Harleys with that color over Black.

Good stuff guys. I was talking to an auto body friend of mine who suggested I go down to the place that mixed the paint for my Skylark and look through their books. I guess they have some extensive library of chips.

I think it is a cool color but not $500 a pint cool :). Keep me posted guys, if anything, I am learning some cool shit.

I used to live right next to Mystic, CT when that Mustang came out. Of course that dealership got one in. I checked it out in person, definitely a cool paint.

There are some cars by TVR in England that are done in  blue/green and purple/green color shift paint.

I checked out some paint chips today from the Vibrance Line.
Although it's impossible to get the exact color, since the only reference I have is a picture of a Jackson on the web, there are a couple of colors that may be close. Of course you can only get this stuff from a PPG Jobber, but here are a couple of codes.
908362 base
908362/2 top coat
The code below is has little bit less "sparkle" to it.
If you get the chance, check out all of the colors in the Vibrance book, there are a lot of really cool colors. Also try to buy it by the ounce, it might make your project affordable. You definately don't need a whole pint of any color to paint a guitar. Good Luck!

Thanks TKO, I will check those out and let you know how I make out. Also, thank you for the advice on amounts needed.