Where to get vinyls appraised?

So my grandpa gave me a bunch of old vinyls, and I need some cash. Where would be the best place to get these appraised at? I know absolutely nothing about vinyls.

I use discogs.com to get an estimate.

What are some of the choices?

Man, it's been awhile since I've seen anyone wearing vinyl pants.  Your grandpa must have been a very fancy man.


jitzophrenic - I use discogs.com to get an estimate.
But after a few they'll ask you to pay. It's worth it though, I mainly trade online and sell on ebay. Check it out op www.discogs.com Phone Post 3.0

PrisonMattressPuncher -



This Phone Post 3.0

PrisonMattressPuncher -

nub: Send me an e-mail with a list of some of the titles, i have collected since the 80s. i'll give you an idea of some of the value:

prisonmattresspuncher at gmail.com


In fact, I just got home from the record store!



You mind if i email you some that i got at a rummage store recently? Looks like they are radio station copies. Phone Post 3.0

How many pieces of vinyl do you have? Phone Post 3.0

Like I said before, my knowledge on vinyl is very very limited, but here are some I have (there are 50):

King records one side seventeen by boyd bennett and his rockets, other side little ole you-all by boyd bennett and his rockets

Let me explain by the cadillacs, other side speed by the cadillacs

I was dreaming by the cleftones, other side you baby you by the cleftones

Those are just the first three I have.

Thanks Prison! If I could at least get $10 a piece for these i'll be happy considering I have 50 of them.