where to go and train?

so far all i know is to go north of rio for good weather... will be there in about a month and a half...

where i good for beach and sun and surf. and more importantly where is good for training...? not more specific than this as yet..

what should i expect living costs and training costs to be...

man, 7 months since training, cant wait!

porra gringao... fale em portugues.... hehehe.

rio is good for surf and the sun will be there too; its just cold here right now. this is generally one of the colder months, but its been really cold here lately man. why don't u try recife... i am sure that it will be very warm there.


judok@a:rapaz, e o pior que está chovendo pra cacete por aqui.

Um abraço

Best place to train is Rio de Janeiro, for surf and nice chicks I would go to Sta. Catarina, in the south, but if you are after the sun, go to the Northeast instead;-)

eh foda bro hymn.... o pior mesmo.... eu gosto de atlanta agora mermao