Where to go in Minn/ St. Paul

Where are the restaurants to go to or night life for me and the wife? Phone Post 3.0

What makes those places good? Phone Post 3.0

B17 - You want me to drive you there to? Lol. Google them and see if you like. Phone Post
Lol fine...

Saw Matt's bar on the food network. I think we will try that Phone Post 3.0

The gay 90s. It is a dance club that has been around since the 1920s. That is why it has such a funny name. Phone Post

Meza pizza

Mcgoverns tavern

Mickeys diner (from mighty ducks movie) Phone Post

Tavern on Grand in St. Paul for a sit down meal.<br /><br />Their walleye is great and what they are known for. Ok beer selection. Nice neighborhood.

I like The Local and Brits. Phone Post

Blue door
5 - 8 club Phone Post

There are loads of good places to eat in Minneapolis. Depends what you want...

If you're down for Chinese hit up Tea House. There's one in mpls near stadium village (full bar), one in Plymouth (beer & wine) and I think they opened one in St. Paul too

Not the east side. Phone Post

the happy gnome and the muddy pig for micros on tap. real nice brazilian grill called Fogo de Chao which was already mentioned.

lions tap is decent, but i probably had it too much being i used to live in shakopee.