Where to learn to box in Brooklyn?

I'm looking to learn the basics of boxing, somewhere in Brooklyn. Can anybody suggest a gym, and an estimate of how much it'll cost? What should I expect, training-wise? I want to keep this as cheap as possible, so having one-on-one training every session probably won't fit in my budget.


Gleason's is the obvious answer. I'm not sure what you'll pay, but its worth it if you are serious. Training there is akin to a judo guy training at the Kodokan or something.

I don't have any professional aspirations, I just want to learn the basics for self defense and curiosity's sake.

Do you have any other recommendations?

usaboxingmetro.com click on registered clubs. Where do you live in Bklyn?

I live on the edge of Gowanus and Park Slope. Thanks for the the usa boxing metro site, checking it out now.

Go to "Ardon's" get the address from the website. He's a good dude. Also trains guys in Muay Thai. Right in your neighborhood (sort of!).