Where to order WEC DVD's?


MMAWeekly Store has WEC 5 & 7

Thank you

I think WEC 6 is avaiable only at Frank Shamrock's website.

thank you as well


I ordered the WEC 6 dvd. $19.95, but UPS shipping is about
$8, and then there's another mystery S/H charge for $2 on
PAYPAL, so the total is $30. Oh well, I hope it's worth it.

2 shipping charges = disappointing, but what can one do.


It would be cheaper to mail it regular mail, thats only about 3 bucks, sheesh.Maybe it will come out again on PPV, then you can record it....

I agree bigtime Patricia Swayze, I hope next time he fights somewhere.... whoever makes the deal doesn't let him hog the set up with the DVD's. sheesh

Yes WEC 6 is available on frank shamrock's website.