Where to stay in Boston/train

I'll be at the Ultimate Fighter tryouts in Boston April 9th through 11th. I dont know anything about Boston. What are some of the friendly gyms to visit and where would be a good "cheap" place to stay? Thanks

Roli Delgado

good luck Roli

I dont know how far Jim DeSouza and those guys are from Boston - myabe he will post

Jim De, Mike Brown used to be with Keith Rockel up there somewhre

oh and you have to wear shoes when you are in the big city

Boston BJJ

Sit Yot Dong

You should definitely stay in Roxbury. Walk around at night, it's good cardio.

Good luck Roli!

-Blake from TTT

Thanks for the support guys. The tryouts are at the Sheraton Boston. I look forward to your responses.

Back to the mat....

440 dollars a night. Even on Thursday

Mattapan is definitely better for cardio.

^ haha right

Seems if you can afford it then stay where the tryouts are being held.....right inside the Sheraton!

If you have transportation, try to stay just south of the city........Quincy Marriot, or Braintree Sheraton. You'll get decent rates there and you can get to the tryouts within 10-15 minutes

What the hell is going on intown that week?  I checked the Boston Park Plaza for you where I can usually get a room for a little over a 100 bucks a nights.  It was showing only 300 + a night rooms.  

How many of you guys are trying out?


"What the hell is going on intown that week? I checked the Boston Park Plaza for you where I can usually get a room for a little over a 100 bucks a nights. It was showing only 300 + a night rooms. "

Sox vs Yankees..... 1st series of the season that weekend

OK, here's the skinny.

Stay out of town, maybe Natick. It'll be a lot cheaper.

The tryouts are on the weekend right? If so, you can drive into the city to Brookline and Longwood Ave. There is a Breuger's Bagel there and across the street is a parking garage. It's for the Breuger's plant employees and you can park from Fri after 5pm until Monday at 7am for $8!!!

I second Roxbury, great place quality people.

theres a ton of nice places in JP and Murderpan that come to mind....the Harrison Archway has plenty of vacancies...provided you're section 8 approved, of course....and if all else fails try the Pine St. Inn...there's always room at the Inn!!!! Good Luck!!!!

look up hotels in braintree, quincy, or weymouth that way if you have no transportation than you can take the t

Don't forget, if/when you get stabbed in Roxbury, make the quick jaunt to Boston Children's (300 Longwood Ave.). They treat adult athletes as well as children.

im an EMT in the city...90 % of those stabbings go to BMC first since it's closer...but they're usually dead before u get there

i'm going to plug my own school - Waikru, in boston, right on the green line.

a young school (only around for a year and half) but a STACKED coaching staff and good attitude. 3 BJJ BBs, 3 very experienced Muay Thai Kru's, also home to the Boston Union Wrestling Team (and also supported by D1 coach Carl Adams). mats open til 6:00pm Sat and Sunday. i'll stay late if anyone my size wants to train.

Boston Barra in Newton has top notch JJ (i think they've produced 19 BBs over the years, including Kenny Florian, Chris Page). not very T accessible tho.

Sityodtong's (Mark Dellagrotte - Kenny Florian's striking coach) rep speaks for itself. just don't pay attention to that guy john - he's just some mentally challenged guy we let hang around when he's not mopping the floor.

BMC is much better for shootings and stabbings (lots of experience!).